We’re not in the Sword Coast Any More

So you’ve played Dungeons and Dragons, you’ve watched YouTube videos of live streams, you may have even participated in them. It’s possible that you have actually attended Acquisitions Inc while at a PAX. But have you ever wondered about the other role playing games are out there? The ones that have you playing a retired bird familiar and sharing war stories with fellow avian pensioners? Or perhaps a paranormal investigator that uncovers a worldwide plot to summon an Old One? Or ones that allow you to play a giant sentient space rodent bounty hunter who has their own Space YouTube channel? All of these things are possible and more. The big problem is choice and this panel is an introductory guide to all things that are not Dungeons and Dragons to provide some structure to the vast array of games out there. This panel is presented by Chris O’Regan of UK charity gaming group, The Role Play Haven, a veteran Dungeon/Game Master who has been playing and running RPGs for 40 years.


Chris O'Regan [Games Coordinator, Role Play Haven]