Ages 13+

What Did I Just Watch? - Dungeons and Dragons

What makes up your favorite D&D campaign? Is it the one where the Dragonborn Cleric and Gnome Monk traverse the maze of shadows or the one where Justin Whalin and Marlon Waynes destroy decades of gaming history? This movie HAPPENED and we’re going to understand why. We’ll delve into user reviews, a little bit of history, as well as talking to YOU directly. Love it (you’re wrong) or hate it, we want to hear your thoughts. Join us as we break down the plot, characters, and mentally as we review this dumpster fire of a movie.


Martin Thresher [Host / Creator / Producer, Some Jerk Productions], Paul Thresher [Co-Host / Audio Engineer, Some Jerk Productions], Charlie Webber [Co-Host, Some Jerk Productions], Dennis Bruno [Co-Host, Some Jerk Productions]