What Do Premium Games Really Make?

Everyone knows Monument Valley made a zillion dollars, but how well do other premium indie games perform on the market? How much money do your favorite games make? We’re baring it all as we discuss the financials of our game Where Shadows Slumber (a PAX East Indie Showcase 2017 Alumnus) and speak openly and honestly about the state of the market.

Joining our panel are Dan Butchko (Playcrafting), Kati Nawrocki (Computer Lunch) and Adriano Valle (Orc Punk) to share their indie experiences!


Frank DiCola [Founder / Artist, Game Revenant], Jack Kelly [Programmer, Game Revenant], Dan Butchko [Founder / CEO, Playcrafting], Kati Nawrocki [Art / Business Director, Computer Lunch], Adriano Valle [Founder / Director, Orc Punk]