What's Sleep? Managing Work, Real Life, and Content Creation

Work, a social life, and a stream schedule?! Getting a podcast or video up on time?! We know most of you do more than just make content, and when the schedule gets tight, sleep just doesn’t make the cut. Working full time, part time, or on your own time while trying to balance a stream/podcast/YouTube/Etsy/etc. and your personal life can be overwhelming. What can you do when your 9-5 leaves you brain dead? Or your boss changed your shift to your new streaming time, again?!

Burning the candle at both ends can seem like the only option when one pays the bills and the other fuels your passion, but burnout hits twice as hard and twice as fast. Whether you’re hard at work, training, taking classes, or just balancing more than you thought possible, this panel is here to help you stay balanced and avoid breakdowns.


ImLostEmpire [Streamer, Twitch], Shott1e [Streamer, Twitch], David Giltinan [Podcaster, Self], MollyDoesAThing [Streamer, Twitch], VaguelyHumanish [Viewer Perspective, Self]