Ages 13+

What's So Funny About Losing Your Arms?

In 2007 US Army EOD Tech Mary Dague lost both her arms above the elbow while cradling a bomb, shielding her unit from the full force of the explosion. On her path to recovery Mary (Wondernubs) found her dark sense of humor and open conversation about challenges in life brought strength to her and the community around her. Mary brings this same humor and inclusion as the host of Drinkin’ Bros Podcast/Gaming. Join us as she talks about community, recovery, and realities of being an adaptive gamer.


Mary Dague [Veteran, Adaptive Gamer, Drinkin' Bros], Tim O'Donnell [Director, Pixela Pictura], Jon Mercer [Director, Key + Kitestring], James Cribbett [Explosive Ordnance Disposal Instructor, US Army], Dave Crouse [Director of Veteran Services, Stack Up]