Ages 13+

Women in Esports

Esports is constantly growing, as year after year it garners more mainstream attention and reports continue of it being a multi-billion dollar industry. As the industry grows and matures the conversation of diversity in the space continues. Our panel highlights that, while the industry still has a ways to go, there are women in all roles in esports. We’ll talk how to get in to the industry, how to use your niche, and share our own personal stories of what it is like to work in esports as a woman.


Amanda Stevens [Content Creator], Cait McGee [Co-Owner, 1 HP], ginnywoes [Writer / Editorial, Prima Games], Aziza Brown [CEO, Team Owner, Dynamik Focus], Rosemary Kelley [Talent Manager, Elo Hell Esports], Erin Ashley Simon [Host, Journalist, Cheddar, AT&T]

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