PAX Together is a program which celebrates diversity, underrepresented groups and stigmatized topics, both at PAX and in the gaming community at-large. PAX believes that games should be for everyone and made by anyone. Whether you're here to meet old friends or find new faves, we aim to have something for everybody.

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PAX Together Picks is a curated selection of games, events, and panels which are recognized by PAX for celebrating and centering marginalized groups and stigmatized topics. A PAX Together Pick uplifts those of underrepresented backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within gaming.

Look for panels and booth with the PAX Together logo to indicate that it's a PAX Together Pick!








  • AnyKey, PTI 
  • Boston Gaymers, PTI
  • Center for Suicide Awareness, PTI 
  • Tabletop Gaymers, PTI 
  • Take This, PTI 
  • Most Dangerous Game, 11036
  • Saturn Interactive, 14111
  • Chronicle RPGs, TT68
  • Akupara Games , 15091
  • 9th Level Games, 10105
  • Team Sometimes Y, 15099
  • Scalisco, 24092
  • Snowbright Studio, TT20
  • Dusk Sharp, 24088
  • Whitethorn Games, 21073

If you've got a game that you think fits what we're looking for and could be featured as a PAX Together Pick, we'd love to hear all about it!

The Diversity Lounge has leveled up and is now The PAX Together Intersection! The Intersection is the hub for the various branches of PAX’s diversity initiative, PAX Together. The Intersection aims to be a reflection of the intersectional identities of gamers. This includes a variety of nonprofits and community groups focused on elevating underrepresented groups’ experiences and addressing stigmas in gaming culture. It is a safe and supportive space for anyone who wants to find community and commonality with other people who play games.

PTI HOURS: Thursday - Sunday: 10:00am - 6:30pm

The PTI Games Library features tabletop, board, and roleplaying games from small and independent BIPOC creators and creators of stigmatized identities. In addition to featuring these games, The PTI Games Library also uplifts attendees from these communities by providing safe space gaming tables with like-minded GMs, or Storytellers.

These games utilize safety tools, promote diverse and respectful tables, and encourage players and Storytellers to come as themselves. PAX recognizes that you can play any game at various locations throughout the show, but offers The Intersection tables with an expectation, not exception, of acceptance.

If you’re interested in being a Storyteller and running a safe space table in The Intersection, look out for the PAX West Storyteller application form

To see all the games being run in the PTI this weekend, click here to see all the PTI Games Library is presenting this weekend

If you have questions about the PAX Together program, or if you think your game should be featured in The PTI Games Library; that it is a tabletop, board, or roleplaying game that is either created by, or features, BIPOC or members of stigmatized communities, then email [email protected] to learn more. Featured games have scheduled PTI Games sessions in The Intersection, with the game's name and description featured prominently in the schedule.

The PTI Fellowship is a new program created to highlight BIPOC game devs and content creators who are rising luminaries and influencers in the gaming industry. The program launched at PAX West 2023 with Tanya DePass as the first PTI Fellow.  At Unplugged 2024, in collaboration with Games Unbound and subsidized by I Need Diverse Games, PAX was honored to have 4 amazing Fellows who embodied the mission of The Intersection in their work.

PAX looks forward to growing this program - working with other gaming-focused organizations and diversity-aware companies to continue highlighting the contributions of BIPOC devs and creators to the gaming industry. Email [email protected] to learn more.


Ave “Calamity” Kaye (she/they) is a DMV based performer and producer for actual plays, and narrative designer/writer for tabletop & video games. She is a former theatre kid and has always been an avid fan of storytelling in all its forms. Growing up it was very common to see her nose buried in a book for hours on end. Over the years, that passion has turned her into a “professional storyteller” who loves “helping make stories happen” through various mediums.

Despite learning about tabletop later in life, Calamity fell head over heels after being invited to her first game - a magical girl one shot. Since then, she has reconnected with her inner thespian and performed in various actual plays, such as the award winning Woeful Revelry (Nameless Domain), Arcane Corps (Othersider Studios), Manila by Night (Badhouse RPG), and more. They also work as a writer and narrative designer for video and tabletop games, most recently on Emerald Templars, Eldritch Automata, and Bitter Silver (coming soon to Kickstarter!). More recently, she has been using her background in film and theater to dive into actual play production and direction. This can be most prominently seen on the production studio they founded, Taletell Hearts - a TTRPG production studio that creates and celebrates inclusive, diverse content in the tabletop community.

Calamity can also be found streaming and releasing Let’s Plays of story centered video games on their Twitch and YouTube. When not creating content, she’s playing video games, reading, watching anime, or deep diving into her latest random special interest.







Amir Hamzah, also known as dimplesndice, is a TTRPG game master and performer of Black and Puerto Rican descent. He is committed to creating inclusive gaming environments where BIPOC players can feel seen and represented in the actual play space.

Amir is well-known for his award-winning role as a Storyteller in Philly by Night, a Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition TTRPG with an all-BIPOC cast on RollingDeez20s. He has also demonstrated his talents as a player in various tabletop games for channels like Vancouver by Night, Summoned Stories, Carrion Comfort Studios, and World of Darkness. He is a regular member of the cast on Ampistrano, where he plays Captain Draven Tideborne, and has even appeared in a Roll20 advertisement on YouTube.

Outside of gaming, Amir shows his support for Cleveland's sports teams, despite living in Philadelphia. In his free time, he enjoys speedrunning Hades, being a loving husband to his wife Karissa, and a devoted cat dad to his two feline companions, Liara and Mordin.



  • As a player @ 10:30am, Ink




The PAX Together Stamp Rally is a program designed to help attendees explore and discover new parts of PAX and the gaming industry.

Start by picking up your stamp rally card in The PTI. Complete any 3 of our 5 qualifying tasks, ranging from attending PAX Together Picks panels to visiting participating booths to finding a hidden step&repeat in the BCEC.

Each task will earn you a stamp; once you have 3 stamps, return to the Intersection to trade your completed card for a prize! (Sorry, you won’t get to keep the card.)

Limit 2 prizes per person per show; Intersection Enforcers will be marking your badge to indicate when you’ve reached your limit. 

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Booth: 11071, TT83