Wait, you’re telling me you thought we ONLY had video games at PAX East? There’s so much tabletop goodness at the show, you won’t know where to roll your dice! See below for an overview of everything from the land of cardboard and clicky clackys.


Think of a tabletop game, and go to the Tabletop Library. We’ve probably got it. Check out the game. Find a table.  If you’ve come with friends, force them to play with you. It shouldn’t be hard. If you’ve come alone, we’ve got a solution for that too...ask a Tabletop Freeplay Enforcer for a ‘Looking for Group’ marker. Look, we’ve got this down. All you need to worry about is getting those longest road points.


Board games, accessories, and more can be found on the show floor. Full Tabletop Expo Hall list is live now at this link


If playing for fun sounds like a waste of your incredible talents, you may be interested to know we also have an absolutely bonkers schedule of Tabletop Tournaments every PAX for you to partake in. Literally, we often have so many events, it breaks our schedule page! 

Full tournament schedule will be available closer to the show.


PAX's First Look area is our "hot games" section located in Tabletop, and will be open during all show hours. These are the games we feel you should play; whether they be the hottest new titles direct from Essen, unreleased titles, or other games without US distribution that we think are expressing new and important ideas in tabletop gaming.

See the list of First look games coming to PAX East 2023.


Our fandom of Crokinole goes back to 2012 when we used the game in the Final Round of our PAX East Omegathon. Get some rounds in with this quirky and rare Canadian game at the show.


Pastimes Events are bringing amazing Magic tabletop play to PAX East. Featuring all your favorite formats: Draft, Sealed, Team, Commander, Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and more. Prizes included! Full schedule released closer to the show.


Can you solve the puzzle in time? Test your spy abilities and crack the code before time runs out. Co-Operatives is a new puzzle room experience designed for PAX East. Teams of players (3 to 6 participants) can try their hand at the free Co-Operatives room experience (15 min) or register on-site for a half-hour paid session ($10/player). Event sponsored by Knight Moves Cafe.